Appliance Training & Support Information

Basic Safety Traininig by Lennox Course 101

Basic Electricity Training by Lennox Course 103

GE Electricity Training Vol. 1 Source, Path, and Load

GE Electricity Training Vol. 2 Series and Parallel Circuits

Whirlpool Apartment Maintenance Series Top-Mount Refrigerator / Freezers - 4322309

Whirlpool Apartment Maintenance Series Servicing Electric Ranges - 4322213

Whirlpool Apartment Maintenance Series Laundry Products - 4322616

ARI- Graphic Electrical/Electronic Symbols

Basic Refrigeration Diagnosis 4314066B

Gas Basics Dryer & Range Burners - 4314010

GE Refrigerator Repair guide

BOSCH Basic & Advanced Microwave Appliances

Whirlpool - The Refrigeration System Module 1

Whirlpool Refrigerator Components and Checking Procedures Module 2

Whirlpool - Techniques of Brazing Module 3

Whirlpool Sweep Charge Procedures Module 6

Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator / Freezers

Proposed Field Protocol for Gas Range Carbon Monoxide Emissions Testing

Whirlpool Adjustment and Repair Procedure to Minimize CO Levels in Gas Ovens

Cheap & Easy Dishwasher Repair

Cheap & Easy Dryer Repair

Cheap & Easy Washer Repair

Whirlpool Understanding Dryers Electrical Components & Checks Part 1

Whirlpool Understanding Dryers Mechanical Components - Part 2

Whirlpool Understanding Dryers Heater Element/Gas Burner Part 3

Electric Ranges & Controls Repair Master

Embraco / Aspera Compressor Handbook

Embraco bulletin for R-134a

Exhausting Dryers - Whirlpool

Sealed System Servicing - Electrolux

Procedures for Repair and Adjustment of Gas Cooking products to Minimize CO Levels

by Frigidaire

GE Refrigeration Pressures


Fall 2010 Appliance Troubleshooting & On-Demand Water Heater Intro