Electrolux & Electrolux Family Service Bulletins


Error Code Booklet for all Frigidaire & Electrolux products Feb 2011

Washing Machines; Dryers; Ranges; Induction Cooktop; Microwave; Dishwasher;

Refrigerators; Wine Cooler, Beverage Center; Air Conditioners




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RF 061 Production Icemakers: Now installed in Fill Position



RF 091 Frigidaire, Electrolux, ICON - Evaporator Feed Noise

RF 093 Poor Refrigeration Temperatures

RF 094 Noise From Compressor Compartment

RF 095 Basket Rails Pulling Away From Liner

RF 097 Change in Dye and Two Stage Drier Filter for French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

RF1001 French Door Bottom Mount Refrig Ice Build-up on Finger Evaporator and/or Ice Cubes are melting supersede RF0915 and RF0922

EI23BC5**, EI28BS5**, EW23BC***, EW28BS***, E23BC7****


Fresh Food Ice Maker Diagnostic Chart: Finger Evaporator Ice Maker




DW 091 EIDW6105G, EIDW6305G, EWDW6505G - Water leaking from the bottom corners of the Dishwasher door

DW 902 All Cycle and Option Lights Start Flashing While Running a Wash Cycle

DW 903 Lights Go Out and Unit Will Not Go Into a Cancel/Drain When Door is Closed

DW 904 Getting An E-2 Code or the Light for the Turbidity Sensor is Lit on the Control

DW 905 Dishwasher Door Drops Below 90 degrees





Procedures for Repair and Adjustment of Gas Cooking Products to Minimize CO Levels







2013 Automatic Replacement or Repair List