GE - Service Bulletins

Retrofit of Sanyo / Torisan ERC3B range control in place of Invensys or Siebe or Robertshaw ERC2

DD11-02 - Dishwasher Trips Circuit Breaker when water valve is turned on by control

GSD6000 series, PDW7000 series, EDW4000 series


DD01-06 - Clean Light Operation - GLD4000, 5000, 6000, GHDA400, 500, 600, EDW5000, 6000 Series

DD02-07 - Door Interlock Switches - Vortex Long Door Models , EDW5000/6000, GLD4000/5000/6000, GHD4000/6000, GHDA400/500/600/900, HLD4000

DD02-10 White film on dishes because of phosphate free detergent usage.


HL01-03 - Single Speed Motor Replacement

HL01-07 - All Hydrowave Washers - Motor-Inverter Drive System - 2 Flash Inverter Board Error (Motor Appears Dead)

HL-01-08 - Washer Displaying Motor Faults - Loose Tub Nut

HL-01-09 - Open Coil on Mode Shifter Assembly

HL-02-08 - Washer Motor Replacement Chart

HL-02-09 - Cover and Front Apron Bracket Service Kit




RA01-05 - Advantium 120 Ovens  - Cavity TCO opening after long use of high heat

RA02-03 - Oven Control Flashes “Bad” Followed by “Line”

RA04-04 - Calibration Error and F0 Display



Refrigerator – Main board WR55X10552 Installation Instructions

REF09-99 - IM3 Installation in TCX18 Bottom Mount units

REF02-00 - TCX18 - Bottom Mount Freezer Step Shelf Kit


REF08-00 - SxS Miscellaneous Washer & Shims for door adjustment

REF09-00 - Bottom Mount SxS - Intermittent Light & Fan Switch Operation

REF15-00 - Compressor Noise Reduction

REF18-00 - Defrost Heater Icing Issues

REF19-00 - Ice Spillage & Ice Overflow

REF20-00 - Ice Bucket Alignment

REF01-01 - Fill Tube Heater Installation Instructions

REF23-01 - Freezing Temperatures in Vegetable Bins - Bottom-Freezer Door and Drawer Models, TCX18, TCD18 & TCS18

REF34-02 - Arctica SxS CustomCool Models Troubleshooting Flow Chart

REF11-03 - Defrost Heater Harness Not Fully Seated

REF12-03 - Defrost Safety Thermostat Replacement

REF28-03 - Excessive Frost in Freezer Section

REF05-04 - Dispenser Models Duct Door Moisture

REF03-05 - Auger Motor Stalling

REF05-06 - Precise Fill Feature - PCF25, PSH25, PSC25, PSC23, PSH23, PSS26, PSF26, PSW26, PSH23, PSW23

REF10-07 - Water Dispenser Line Freezing

REF11-07 - Dual Evap SxS Serial # AG - ZM - Ice Ball Kit - Fresh Food Ice Ball

REF01 thru 06-08 Bulletins

REF04-08 - Evap Fan Noisy, Blade Hitting Orifice-Misaligned, Evap Fan Normal Noise


REF09-08 - SxS models GSHF3KGXB*** & GSHS3KGXB*** - New Freezer Door/Ice Ice Diverter

REF01 thru 03-09 Bulletins

REF04-09 - Plastic Liner SxS - Falling Freezer Shelves

REF05-09 - Not Cooling or Intermittent Cooling

REF14-09 - Center Hinge Interference after changing door swing

REF15-09 - Water dispenser dribble


Domestic Refrigerator – Main Board replacement reference


Electronic Refrigerator Diagnostics


TB19-01 - New Bottom Mount Refrigerators - PDS18*** & GBS18***

TB02-09 - Profile Range JB850DP/SP & JB855DP/SP Lower Oven BK Element

TB03-10 – Washer Service Procedures – GFWN1000, GFAN1000, GFWN1100, GFAN1100

TB04-09 - GE JB400DP - Steam Clean Range

TB04-10 – GE Front Load Washer Tips – WBVH, WCVH, WHDVH

TB05-10 – All LED Interior Lighting

TB06-10 - Profile Front Load Washer Tips - WPDH8 models

TB07-10 – CMO (Counter Top Microwave Oven) High Voltage Fuse – JES1140SP1 & JES1145DP1

TB08-10 – Models JB870DR, JB870SR – Hidden Bake Element, Extension Rack and Power Relay

TB09-10 – New Variable Speed Inverter Motors on HydrWave Washers – WH20X

TB10-10 – HydroWave Infusor Washer Tips – EWA5, WHRE, WJRE, WCRE, WPRE

TB01-12 – Top Load Washer Test Procedures – GLWN, GTWN, GCWN, GTWP, GHWN, GCWP, HTWP Series of washers

TB05-12 – GE Cordless Gas Range – Battery powered



GTWS & GTWN – Procedure for Programming Controls: WH12X10575, WH12X10561, WH12X10562, & WH12X10563 – 31-16706

WR49X10173 – Dispenser Water Tube Heater Kit – 31-46112-2