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LG Service Bulletins

PCB Replacement in HE error code - LDF9932ST


LE Error or Motor shaft locked (won’t turn) - LDS5811, LDF7811, LDF7810, LDF6810, LDF8812 - LD-6090, LD-6100, LD-6105, LD-6300, LD-6310


PCB Cover replacement to eliminate EMI Interference by other appliances - 5 pages of model numbers - pages 3,4,5,6 & 7 - SB07053


Standardization of Compressor Damper - LSC26905**


When you service the thermostat, change the Heater connectors - DLE5932W, DLE2532W, DLE0332W, DLE5932S, DLE3777W, DLE5977W


Change of PCB, Main, to reduce frost formation in the freezer.


Change of Door Switch - 7 pages of model numbers starting on page 3.


Harness wire cut in Dishwasher door - LDF7811, LDF7810, LDS5811, LDF6810, LDF8812, LD-6100, LD-6105, LD-6090, LD-6300, LD-6310


Change of Drain Hose assy for prevention of air sucking noise - LDF8812, LDF9*****,

LDF7*****, LDF6810**, LDF6920**, LDS4821**, LD-63**, LD-61**, LD6090**,

D10607**, D1608**, D1613**, D1412**


Worm Gear Stripping after multiple attempts to raise or lower Dishwasher - LDF, LDS, LSDF, D1, LD-


E1 Error caused by wrong Air Guide – Dishwasher – LDS4821**, LDF6920**, LDF7920**


Water Temperature is Low, Below Hot Water Condition – WT5101HV, WT5101CW, WT5001CW


Assembly Method for Tilting Doors – Bottom Mount Refrigerators –

See 1st page of bulletin for complete model list

LG US models – LFD series, LFX series, LRFD series –

Sears Kenmore 75*** series, 77*** series


Hall Sensor Repair – WM0742HGA


Change of Guide Assy for prevention of leak – LDF8***, LDF792*, LDF6***, LDS4821**, LDS5***



“OE” error code, Dishwasher does not drain – LDF7551**, LDF8072**, LDF8574**

D1425**, D1426**, D1471**, D1472**


Front Load Washer – Water Leaks


2014 Bottom mount Refrigerator presentation


Safety or Hi-Limit thermostat has problems on Heater Assembly (Electric Dryer) Funnel Assembly (Gas Dryer)



“UE” Error code occurring after Recall S/W update by JIG – WT5101HW, WT5101HV, WT5001CW


Upgrade Display PCB S/W – There is a procedure in the appendix if you do not have a JIG – WT5101HW, WT5101HV, WT5001CW



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 Lg Training/LG BULLETINS/CVZ201600039_Standby Power_v2.pdf

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 Lg Training/LG BULLETINS/DFZ201700042_Pulsator_2017_170911_AI_Vf1_3.pdf

 Lg Training/LG BULLETINS/DFZ201700044_20150817(pulsator cap)_v1.pdf

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 2019 February SVC Bulletin Booklet for Top Reclaim Models.pdf

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 2018 April SVC Bulletin Booklet for Top Reclaim Models


2018 SVC Bulletin Booklet for Top Reclaim Models

/2018 June SVC Bulletin Booklet for Top Reclaim Models.pdf

 2018 July SVC Bulletin Booklet for Top Reclaim Models.pdf

2018 August SVC Bulletin Booklet for Top Reclaim Models.pdf


 R600 Training Videos

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