Samsung Service Bulletins

All Samsung Fault Codes


ASC20030916004 – Confusion related to FORCED MODE operation

RB1844, RB1855, RB2044 & RB2055


ASC20040727001 – Thermal Fuse replaced with Bimetal element in Freezer section



ASC20100624001 – Updated – Belt slides off pulley when drum is rotated (ccw) counter-clockwise – DV203***, DV206***, DV209***, DV210***, DV218***, DV219***, DV220***, DV306***, DV316***, DV317***, DV318***, DV330***, DV337***, DV338***, DV339***, DV350***, DV407***, DV409***, DV410***, DV419***, DV438***, DV448***, DV520***


ASC20120130001 – DV3*****, DV4***** - Motor Parts availability.



PLC (Power Line Communication) Error in Diagnostic Mode - RS253, RS255, RS257,

RB195, RB215, RM255


RF267****, No Ice Production / Ice Not Available

RF267****, Water Leaking From Dispenser


RS2630 - Sensor and PC Board Test Procedures

RS2530, RS2630 - Frost Build-Up around the Freezer Fan & Air Outlet


WF316***, WF306***, Intermittent Shutdown due to water leak.

WF328***/XAA, Drain pump location


Troubleshooting refrigerator defrost heater problems - single page


RS2630, RS2631, RS2621, RS2623, RS2624, RS2611, RS265, RS267, RS269

Ice Build-Up in Freezer


DMR57, DMR77, DMR78, DMT300, DMT400, DMT800 – Dishwasher noise complaint, broken tabs on Rack Adjusters

DMR57LFS – Operates by itself

DMR57***, DMR77***, DMR78*** - 4E error code


DMT800 – Power button will not work

FTQ307NWGX-XAA-Induction Cooking Range- Inverter Cooling Fan either cyles “OFF” and “ON”, or is running continuously.