Viking Wolf Service Bulletins

Main Bulletin listing - Jan 98 to 06/27/02


P-0002-SP - Discoloration on painted surfaces with Graphite Gray (GG) finishes: AROH3SFY


TC-0007-SP - Oven will not operate: 5QS8ZCSL


TC-0008A-SP - Ordering door-related parts for Pro and Designer Built-In Ovens: 1XQM3CEJ - DEDO, DESO, VEDO, VESO

TC-0013-S - Warming drawer outer door panel does not align properly with surrounding trim: GCDNANJS: VEWD103, VEWD163, VEWD173

TC-0014-SP - Return request for thermostats PJ030031, PJ030035, and PJ30037 : GBDRFIVB


TC-0019A-SP - Control board jumper kit and error codes for mechanical control (knob control): 7UWENQA8: DEDO, DESO, VEDO, VESO



TC-0023-SP - Return of Failed Control Boards REQUIRED for Warranty Claims: 6WMYWR0M

DEDO***, DESO***, LDEDO***, LDESO***, LVEDO***, LVESO***, VEDO***, VESO***

TC-0029-SP - Control board functionality charts - DB90JDSQ-

DEDO***, DESO***, VEDO***, VESO***


TC-0043-SP - EOC board replacement - EDGTLA2M: VGSC530, VGSC536, VGSC548



TO-0002-S - Drawers fall off guide rails: 2M2OEFNO


TO-0004-SP - Water collecting in internal areas of outdoor cabinets: - AOPWFVXX -

VBBO****, VBO****, VEUO****, VERO****, VGUO****, VGRO****, VSBO****, VTPO****, VQWO****, VURO****,



TV-0004-SP - The task of installing and removing filters is difficult due to clearance issues: 4BA2VDR2



TR-0002-SP - Drain pan heater: GFJGPIBH: DDBB***, DDFB***, DDRB***, DDSB***, DFBB***, DFFB***, DFRB***, DFSB***, VCBB***, VCFB***, VCRB***, VCSB***

TR-0003-SP - Water leaking inside freezer compartment: EWDAJLZW: DDFB***, DFBB***, DFFB***, DFSB***, DTBB***, DTSB***, VCBB***, VCFB***, VCSB***

TR-0004-SP - All Built-In, Freestanding, and Undercounter refrigeration products: Service Drier: 4RAKS3CM

TR-0006A-SP - Changes made to light switches: BVCQ5TG7 - DDBB***, DDSB***, DFBB***, DFSB***, DTBB***, DTSB***, VCBB***, VCSB***

TR-0010-SP - Dispenser water line freezing and moisture accumulation on lower breaker frame: 5ADAAF8K - DDSB, VCSB

TR-0011-SP - Modification of Sabath mode for continuous evaporator fan operation: D81S7SNJ: DDRB***, DFRB***, VCRB***

TR-0015A-SP - Thermostat replacement: 4EYZ54ZB


TR-0020-SP - Water tank or water line freezing: BLZIRIJH - VCBF***, DDBF***, VCFF***, DDFF***

TR-0022-SP - Universal low voltage board kit: EVIEDCFQ: VCBB***, DFBB***, DTBB***, VCSB***, DFSB***, DTSB***, VCFB***, DDFB***, DFFB***, VCRB***, DDRB***, DFRB***

TR-0024-SP - Doors do not align flush with each other when closed: 59TU4E3P - VCSB423, VCSB423D, DDSB423, DDSB423D, DFSB423, DFSB423D, VCSB483, VCSB483D, DDSB483, DDSB483D, DFSB483, DFSB483D


TR-0025-S - Electronic control board mode selection setting: COT1UKUZ: VURD140, DURD140, DFRD140

TR-0034A-SP - Insert kit G5099978 is no longer an authorized repair for Viking refrigeration products: 76GHQL2R - DDBB***, DDSB***, DFBB***, DFSB***, DTBB***, DTSB***, VCBB***, VCSB***

TR-0036-SP - Complete wine rack replacement: BD05AHTI - DDWB, DFWB, VCWB

TR-0036-SP - Complete wine rack replacement: DJYFDRSQ - DDWB***, DFWB***, VCWB***

TR-0037-SP - Heat deflectors for microwave ovens: F4GTMJQR: DMOR205, VMOR205

TR-0040-SP - Freezing temperatures on top shelf of fresh food compartment - EIMLSYCJ:

DDSB***, DFSB***, DTSB***, VCSB***, VCSB***D

TR-0042A-SP - New power inverter with translucent cover for diagnostic LED: FUTMOIG7: DDBB***, DDFB***, DDRB***, DDSB***, DFBB***, DFFB***, DFRB***, DFSB***, VCBB***, VCFB***, VCRB***, VCSB***, VIBB***, VIFB***, VIRB***, VISB***


TKI-0001-SP - Water Softening System: 7EMJZHHY - EDFUD141, EVUD141

TKI-0003-SP - Redesigned air-break and locking ring: C7EPXZZV: EVUD141



TK-0008-SP - New bearing retainer material: 8BJLNKUS -

VUD040, VUD140, VUD141

TK-0010-SP - Bottom well modifications: EYL2LHVI: VUD140, VUD141

TK-0013-SP - Redesigned air-break and locking ring: 8TPH2PCZ -

VUD040, VUD140, VUD141

TK-0015-SP - Washer arm hitting upper basket - DY1NO4C4 - DFUD040

TK-0017 - Inspect water level for proper diagnosis of DFUD units: 9EUNEXY6

DFUD041, DFUD042, DFUD141, DFUD142

TK-0017A-SP - Upper spray arm nut comes apart from spray arm causing spray arm to fall into unit. Effect units manufactured before 2/3/2009 with serial numbers earlier than 012909D00003203: 77SPF1VK: VBD450, DFB450, VDB325

TK-0018A-SP - 325 Dishwasher control kit: 4NFAGJNT


Control Board Off-Set program for EOC version V194


Calibration procedure for the EOC4 control board Version number V23, V24, V25

Service Menu Configuration of interface adaptor for VCCU, VISC, and VICU Induction