Whirlpool Service Bulletins

50 LB Undercounter Ice Makers - Possible Water Valve Deterioration - JIM158XB***, KUIA15******, KUIA18******, KUIC15******, KUIO18*****, KUIS15*****, KUIS18*****, GI1500****, GI15ND****, GI15NF****, Scotsman

CSO415***, CSW45*** - R4317442-A


UD-17 4322654 - ELEAP - Match Dryer - GE/GX9868J - Theory of Operation


The Shocking Truth - 8177969


UD - 19 Service Update - First Half - 2001 - 8178023

UD - 20 Service Update - Second Half - 2001 - 8178080

UD - 21 Service Update - First Half - 2002 - 8178159


Duet Front Load Washer - Fabric Softener Dispenser not dispensing - 8178220

Duet Front Load Washer - Door rubbing on front panel trim - 8178221

Duet Front Load Washer - Cabinet Sides Oil-Canning During Spin - 8178237


Calypso Washer - U-Joint Kit - 8178356

Calypso Washer - Gray Smudges on Clothes - 8178406


Clean Light Blinking 7 Times - 8178496 - Video


Front Load Washer - Leaking in Bulky Cycle - 8178536


UD - 30 Service Update - Second Half - 2006 - 8178598


UD - 32 Service Updates - Second Half - 2007 - 8178687


UD - 33 Service Update - First Half - 2008 - 8178721


Top Mount and SxS Refrigerators - Warm Temperatures Due to Incomplete Defrost - 8178769


Duet Updates - 6-03


Laundry Updates 1-05 - Product introduction - Fabric Freshener


Whirlpool - Front Load Washer Clean-Out Procedure


* Whirlpool Cabrio - Maytag Bravos - Kenmore Oasis - Fault Code F51 - 8178661

Oven does not operate after a Clean cycle; RBD, RBS, GBD, GBS, KEBC, KEBV, KEKB, RS


Cooking Product Fault Codes Error Codes 2003 to 2013


Icemaker Kit for Bottom Mount Freezers Amana KitchenAid Maytag - Whirlpool

Bearing Replacement Kit to Top Load Direct Drive Washers MVWB WTW - *See page 5 for complete model listing W10468778


Clothes Tangling and Balling WTW6400, WTW6600, MTW6500, MTW6600

Serial Code Prior to CU39


Refrigerator Icemaker kits for Whirlpool and Maytag Heritage Refrigerators



Service Updates First Half 2001


Service Updates First Half 2002



Service Updates Second Half 2003



Service Updates Second Half 2006


Service Updates Second Half 2007


Service Updates First Half 2009

Service Updates Second Half 2009


Service Updates First Half 2010


Update Book Fall 2011


Update Information on Load Sense Technology



W10405379 Elimination of Counter Weight Crosley, Maytag, and Whirlpool Top Load Washers Design Change CAW, MVWX, WTW


W10407349 Motor Pulley Comes Loose MEDB, MGDB, WED, WGD, YMEDB, YMED


W10442997 Splashing During Wash Full Size Thin Twin WET, WGT, YWET, MET, MGT, YMET


W10454319 F2H1 / F2H2 Error Code


W10457999 WMC20005Y, WMC1070X, AMC1070X One Yr Replacement Warranty


W10460581 Moisture detected inside Door Panels, User Interface Models on Pg 2


W10460613 Excessive Splash in Rinse Cycle ATW, ETW, ITW, IV45, IV46, IV48, NTW, RTW - Top Load, Direct Drive Washer (aka LEAP)


W10464738 Use of OVAL Duct to Exhaust Dryers


W10473748 F9 E0 error code appears in the display AER, IES, IVE, IVP, YIES, MER, YMER, RF11, RF21, RF26, YRF11, YRF26, WFE, YWFE Freestanding Electric Ranges


W10473923 Excessive Noise and Vibration Long Vent Dryers WED4890, WGD4890


W10474753 F7 Error code in display Magnetron overheating Magnetron Service Kit



W10475711 Washer Overfills ATW, ETW, ITW, IV4, NTW, RTW


W10475713 Vent Removed from SS Dishwashers 7WDT, JDB, KUDC, KUDE, KUDL, WDF, WDT


W10477757 Noise in Spin cycle Gets Louder with Use MHWE, NFW, WFW 36 models listed


W10480140 Unable to change Oven Temperature setting from Fahrenheit to Celsius per Use & Care Guide IBS324P***


W10484432 Tub & Basket Replacement Front Load, Belt Drive Washers


W10484434 Horizon Next Generation, Long Vent Dryers Performance Effected Damp or Wet Clothes WED9051YWO, WGD9051YWO, WED9051YW1, WGD9051YW1


W10490368 French Door Refrigerators Water Line Leaks When Water is Dispensed GI6SD, GI6FA, GI6FD, GI6SA, GZ25FS, KFXL25, KFX25R, MFI266, MFI267, MFX257


W10492393 Drive (Splutch) Pulley Comes Loose HE / Hybrid / Classic / E-Star Models:



W10504063 Software Enhancement VMW Classic Top-Load, Belt Drive Washers


W10506796A Center UI and Knob Kit , Maytag & Whirlpool Front Load Washers and Dryers WFW, WED, WGD, YWED, MHW, MED, MGD, YMED, Check model listing for proper Kit

 Kitchenaid Kssc48fkb02-ControlBoard 2254739

 Kitchenaid Kssc36fms03 Control Board  W10219463

 Kitchenaid Kssc42qts02 Control Board   W10219462



 Door Alarm Circuit

 Interior Moisture

 Incomplete Defrost

 Freezer Door Switches Not Being Activated

 Air returns blocked with ice,

 Interior LED Lights

 Dual Evaporator Models:

 Ice Build-up in Bottom of Freezer

 Low Profile Ice Maker

 Service Inverter

 French Door Refrigerators


 No Ice

 Valve Chatter

 No Ice / Not Enough Ice

 W10219462 Replacement

 W10219463 or 2252159 Replacement

 Control Board W10219463 Replacement

 Freezer Frost Formation and Refrigerator Not Cooling

 Poor Connectivity, HV Box Wiring Harness

 Ice buildup on Evaporator causing poor cooling

 Refrigerators/Frost Build Up On Evaporator

 No cooling or partial cooling





/2010 Whirlpool 26.pdf

 2013 29 cu ft 36 inWide French Door.pdf

 R600 Refrigerator.pdf

 Service Manual AFD25WBZXMaytag.pdf



DRYER  2018


 Service Manual Heat Pump Dryer.pdf


 OVEN 2018


27 & 30 Microwave Combination.pdf

 JennAir EOC III Range Control.pdf

CONNECTED Smart Appliances.pdf

 Service Manual  Qchassis Ovens.pdf

 PService Manual Electric Wall Oven.pdf

 Service Manual -Wall Ovens Amana.pdf